Week One Breakfast - 50ml in Leederville

Adventures around Leederville. First restaurant, 50ml on 150 Oxford St Leederville, WA.

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  1. Since I'll be studying in Perth for the next semester (18 weeks!), with a great number of restaurants on the way into class, I thought I'd try one restaurant every week, post some photos and review the dishes that I try.
    Here I am in the photograph of the mirror at "50ml".
  2. This particular restaurant wasn't the first to catch my attention as I went down Oxford Street - but the scent of pancakes and fruit that drew me in. An incredible, incredible yummy smell.
  3. The decor is very reminiscent of a restaurant I visited in New Hampshire, called "Friendly Toast". Since I loved my time at "Friendly Toast", I thought I'd try "50ml" and their salmon dish.
  4. Their signage is so cute! HUGE sandwiches. I thought I'd try my usual fare of a coffee, orange juice and one breakfast dish.
  5. Here's what I eventually ordered - the orange juice is freshly squeezed; the coffee is rather rich and comes in a little retro cup. What I thought would be salmon and egg separate turned out to be an omelette, with tomato. The bread is also fresh and excellent.
  6. As you can tell, the outside of the restaurant is fairly striking!