My name is Bernice Stockstill, and I'm thrilled to say this is my 8th year teaching high school English.


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MyTEFL’s founders have worked in TEFL publishing, training materials authors, school management, TEFL HR Training implementation, and they are also TEFL teachers and travelers.

Margaret Charles

Hi I am Margaret Charles from USA. I am working as a Lawyer in USA.My hobbies are listening to music,football,dancing,reading.


Coucou ! Moi c'est Olivia. J'ai 28 ans et je suis chargée de communication dans une petite entreprise. On vient d'avoir de nouveaux logos et je me suis occupée aussi d'ajouter quelques élèments représentant notre entreprise afin que les clients qui viennent dans nos logos aient une bonne impression. Pour cela, j'ai acheté plusieurs drapeaux publicitaires personnalisés différents.


Writer and storyteller.


ABA Tax understands the pressure that small business owners face but have the knowledge and expertise to help you understand your financial position, reduce costs and maximise profits.

Richard Chapo

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Kyle Halperin is a Partner at The Law Firm of Kyle M. Halperin, PLLC., a practice based in New York City. She has over 25 years of experience in civil litigation, and has also provided legal advice on business evaluation, growth, and turnaround advice for privately-held corporations. Kyle’s expertise extends to revenue generation and strategy for technology companies: she has significant experience with turning businesses into profitable and competitive entities. 27 East 21st Street New York, N.Y. 10010 212-751-7555