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The Jordan v. East fire madness

It was supposed to be a battle of two undefeateds, the Tribune's No. 1-ranked 5A team (Jordan) against the No. 1-ranked 4A team (East). But the Beetdiggers vs. the Leopards turned out to be one of the most confusing sporting events I've ever attended.


  1. Lets' start at halftime. The game was living up to expectations.
  2. Then Ula Tolutau made his second TD run, diving in the end zone. He was thrown out of the game for his second unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. The problem was we couldn't see in the booth.
  3. Then an administrator ran in, telling the announcer to tell folks parked in the South Parking lot to move their cars. She initially said an ambulance was coming, then fire trucks. Gradually, it trickled out that there was a fire in the electrical room. No one told the kids to stop, though.
  4. My boss shows concern:
  5. Finally it got to the point where we could smell the fire — albeit faintly. I charged down on the field to get coaches comments and numbers before we were evacuated.
  6. Eventually, I got back to the office and recounted my story:
  7. So this was the plan (Note that I mistyped the score, and it was actually 28-27):