Visions of a Blind Activist: Chen Guangcheng Inspires Protest Art

Supporters of China's embattled human rights activist turn his image into an art movement.

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  1. ~ Courtesy of Hexie Farm
  2. ~ Courtesy of Hexie Farm
  3. Caption:

    Chen Guangcheng: “Premier Wen, I have three requests!”

    Uncle Sam: ”Wait, wait! Give me a promise!“

    Wen Jiabao: ”Trust me! Fairness and justice are more glorious than the sun.“

    ~ Courtesy of Hexie Farm and China Digital Times   

  4. Chen Guangcheng shawshank redemption
  5. Free china / Let there be light
  6.                                              Screenshot of "Dark Glasses. Portrait."
  7. Pro-democracy activists outside China's Liaison Office in Hong Kong. 4/30/12  (AP Photo/Kin Cheung)