#MakerEDTO was an Inspiring Experience, #iicti

Making and constructing is engaging and exciting to teachers and students. It makes teachers and student wake up. Having the informal interaction with Andrew Dobbie was insightful. Discussing how he began creating this unique experience with Drones & Ss documented the experiments on Google Doc's .


  1. I was thinking and reflecting on how this might work in our school. Then I thought how to integrate the documentation in a Google Doc and using Google Draw to create a diagram with arrows and students giving clear steps of their processes, discoveries and creating deeper questions. So, if I can't make the Drones happen yet, paper planes might even work, still trying to use the Tech for the documentation. Next, have students upload diagrams, drawings, media or any sketch notes in our class blog. Some may video some experiments too. Use Explain Everything or iMovie. Then students can comment on each others work and get feedback "Glow on" and "Grow on Feedback". I feel this is reaching the modification stage in the SAMAR Model. Hopefully redesign will come into play too. I think Andrew is way above the line in the SAMAR Model! Inspiring work Andrew. Thanks Andrew for sharing!!!
  2. How Andrew Dobbie uses Drones to uncover learning is inspiring. In my grade 6 flight inquiry, I hope to have students look at the ethical issues around Drones and how they are used for good in the world. My class will need to think about rules and regulations and changes that will need to be looked at now and in the future. I hope to find some professionals & community members that the students discover, to ask questions about Drone innovation in the future and how they think it might be regulated. I hope to have students look at biodiversity of some animals, what we can learn from nature. Then redesign a drone or flying device to help change the world, make it better. This would be a culminating task students will hopefully innovate, document and share with the world on our class blog. Thanks again for the inspiration Andrew. @A_Dobbie11
  3. This was about MakeyMakey's not the Raspberrypi, sorry David for my error. The MakeyMakey session started out discusses and making us pause for a few moments to think about #Grit and #Growthmindset. How do we get students to take risks and fail forward? I think @DavidHann nails it, when allowing students to problem solve with @MakeyMakey's to think and treat the experience as exciting and energizing. The importance of that time to take when exploring, doing all the trial and error in a process. This is what stuck with me the most in this session. Well we did F.A.I.L. But our First Attempt In Learning, was eventually successful. Good thing @MelisaKakuda gave up part of her morning snack for @Gail_Schwiersch & I to explore & learn together! MakeyMakey's Rock & can't wait to see what my students do with them this year. We will use them as part of a culminating task with the grade 6 electicity unit. First, we plan to tinker with old electronics, then explore with light switches, circuits and end with some MakerSpaces kits from @UGDSB resource center, including the MakeyMakey's!!! Who knows where that will take us? Fun Learning! Thanks for your positive energy and inspiration @DavidHann!!!
  4. Sorry Melissa, you didn't get to eat your healthy snack. Thanks to all that brought the YUMMY snacks to #MakerEDTO. So cool to just use the items around us, Again, looking forward to observing students and watching them collaborate and problem solve together! I think this will be a very motivating for a writing activity for reluctant writers on the class blog. Inviting the world to read their posts will be authentic and exciting! Writing with a purpose.
  5. The Raspberrypi session was out of this world! I need time to think about how this would work for me teaching grade 6. It is so full of potential and innovation. I need to learn more from Tim Cooper. You are brilliant!
  6. Making our creatures was so much fun! Would be fun for staff to do this for meet the creature night and have students guess who their "creature" is, sorry, I mean, "teacher"!! Loved this activity! Another idea might be a great way to track students using the creatures as we did at the conference and look at who they work with in the first few weeks of school. This could help create the safe classroom culture we need to have to generate risk taking problem solvers in our 21st century classrooms. Very relaxing and fun! Thanks for the learning @MakerEDTO, hope to see you next year.