#HerWords Twitter Chat Highlights

On the 5th International Day to End Obstetric Fistula, Kupona Foundation and our partners Fistula Foundation, Johnson & Johnson, and CCBRT convened a Twitter chat highlighting how language and storytelling can impact how we see fistula patients and how fistula patients see themselves.


  1. Check out some of our favorite tweets from the #HerWords Twitter Chat
  2. So great to hear from expert storytellers like Lisa Russell.
  3. Excellent insight from Johnson & Johnson: words like 'victim' do not define a woman who has lived with fistula.
  4. CCBRT interviewed 20 women being treated for fistula. When asked how they would refer to themselves, the women and girls used words like "Mama," "Entrepreneur," and "Businesswoman." Not one used the word "Patient" or "Victim."