Conversation with @alliebland, @CodeFancier and @kronda

  1. Then Google Maps was like, "turn right on Malcolm Ten Boulevard" and I knew there were no black engineers working there
  2. @alliebland @kronda When I'm taking a bus to Tualatin Park & Ride, the voice says "Tualatin Park, and Ride" like it's an intersection.
  3. @CodeFancier I’m going to try for patient teacher, but I’m pretty sure there’s going to be caps
  4. @CodeFancier We were talking about RACISM and you interjected with a comment about COMMUTING. These are two completely different topics.
  5. @CodeFancier Derailing is something that privileged people do ALL THE TIME without even knowing it and it’s SUPER FUCKING ANNOYING.
  6. @CodeFancier So if you plan to show up in my mentions re: conversations about *ism, you need to learn about derailing and then not do it.
  7. @CodeFancier This is your second strike. Mostly on Twitter I give 0 strikes and go straight for the block button.
  8. @CodeFancier I’m taking time out of my day to explain this because of your #friendoffriend status.
  9. @CodeFancier So this is not the ‘follow silently’ warning, but it is the ‘follow carefully’ warning. 
  10. @CodeFancier I bet you haven’t given this a second’s thought all day, but I’ve spent too much of the day being annoyed & thinking about it.
  11. @CodeFancier This is the harm you cause by being clueless. I’m 43 so multiply lifespan * minimum 1 of these event per day (if I’m lucky)
  12. @CodeFancier And you’ll understand why you’re getting lectured right now. </rant>
  13. Note: @CodeFancier demonstrates the classy way to reply when you've screwed up.
  14. @kronda Thank you for taking the time, and not writing me off. I know it's not what you'd rather be doing with your Friday, and I appreciate
  15. @kronda I'm paying attention to what you are saying to me so that your time and energy will not be wasted.
  16. @kronda I did recognize that the topic was racism, and my intention was to add an aside, not a derailment. That was an ill conceived thought
  17. @alliebland I apologize for that off-topic & inappropriate reply.
  18. This is what I get for sending my tweets to Facebook
  19. .@kronda DIDN'T. I. JUST. SAY. HOW. TIRED. I. AM?!? Where is Trifflin' Cousin Yvonne when I need her? #ICANNOT
    .@kronda DIDN'T. I. JUST. SAY. HOW. TIRED. I. AM?!? Where is Trifflin' Cousin Yvonne when I need her? #ICANNOT
  20. .@kronda Yvonne here. ::POP:: Um, I would love to commentate on derailment and skin color an alladat, but first, Imma need to address Jason
  21. .@kronda on how deeply stupid it is come up on a sister who ALREADY SAID SHE ON HER LAST NERVE AND HANGIN' ON BY A THREAD
  22. .@kronda LIKE ONE O DEM MISSION IMPOSSIBLE MOVIES and come at her wit some shit like, "Oh but is it really skin color?"
  23. .@kronda No boo boo, it's RASICM. And yeah, a lot of folks all twisted up like that might be the same thing, but actually, NO.
  24. .@kronda And further more, if you white and wondering something like, whether sumptin you'll never actually suffer from actually exists,
  25. .@kronda you need to ask a white person with a clue or go to Google or Bing with that shit,
  26. .@kronda I mean, WHAT IS THAT? Are you just trying to demonstrate with some kind of inception bullshit,
  27. .@kronda or can you really just not figure out that maybe keeping your mouth shut is the smart thing to do?
  28. .@kronda Lemme spell it out for you simple: DON'T COME FOR BLACK FOLKS ON RACISM AN WE AIN' SEND FOR YOU.
  29. .@kronda The rest of you white people need to tag in and straighten out your boy here, and anyone else who might have it twisted.
  30. .@kronda Talkin 'bout "A lotta people musta made you feel bad." Ain't nobody on this planet ain't felt bad about something.
  31. .@kronda No we don't 'feel bad' about your racist bullshit, WE'RE ANGRY AND FED UP,
  32. .@kronda which is why ya'll ain't get no more 'get outta jail free' cards for bring some ignorant bullshit like this up in a sista's TL.
  33. .@kronda You talkin' about a woman raised by the ::CLAP CLAP CLAP:: QUEEN MOTHER GENIA to DEMAND RESPECT.
  34. .@kronda You lucky she ain't hear to see all this Facebook mess,
  35. .@kronda or she'd have a new full time job runnin' around bitch slappin' all these fools, UGh, UGH!
  36. Sometimes you gotta be the Trifflin' Cousin Yvonne you want to see in the world. @PiaGlenn 
  37. OK Internet. Tomorrow is a new day. See if you can keep from turning up in my TL with BS like this: 
  38. I don't know how much more clearly I can state: White people: DO NOT roll up on me with your stage 3 BS 
  39. But hey, at least my efforts weren't a total waste: #progress
  40. If it bugs you that @kronda is tired of white people, try to not to be tiring instead saying she shouldn't be tired of folks in your group.