SocMed Stars at #ASC2012

The Australian Science Communicators' Conference was held from 27-29 February in Sydney. The social media backchannel was huge, but three contributors helped us make sense of it. A big thanks & congrats to Kylie Sturgess (@kyliesturgess), Krystal Evans (@dr_krystal) & Sarah Keenihan (@sciencesarah).


  1. As producer of the social media session, so I was particularly interested to see what the back channel had to say about the ground we covered. But it was also fantastic to get a live-blogged record of the session from @kyliesturgess and a Storify from @sciencesarah.
  2. The contributions of @kyliesturgess, @sciencesarah and @dr_krystal enabled conference attendees and others outside the conference to catch-up on content from a range of sessions. @reallyedbrown couldn't attend, but found their insight valuable and asked all three to be interviewed on his "Science On Top" podcast.
  3. This is a brilliant summary by @reallyedbrown on what was captured during the course of the conference (and from the perspective of someone outside the conference!).
  4. Kylie, Krystal and Sarah deserve recognition!
  5. So although not an official "ASC" endorsement, I have written an article on their contribution for the ASC Scope publication and @jameshutson will be producing certificates for Kylie, Krystal and Sarah to say thanks :)
  6. And for more, as a postscript, @heatherbray6 also summed up the advantages of the back channel in this lovely reflective post.