Martian Codicology, or How to Think About Books, a #digped chat


  1. Hybrid Pedagogy is launching a new project in long(er)-form publishing, led by Robin Wharton and Kris Shaffer. This isn't just a technical innovation in how to make and distribute print books in digital form. We want to take the new technology at our disposal as a springboard to ask fundamental questions, like what is a book? what is the social function of a book? to whom does a book belong? what can we do in digital form that we cannot do in print (and vice versa)? and what if the book is just the user interface? In this chat, we explore some of these questions. No doubt we'll return to many of them as Hybrid Pedagogy Publishing grows.

    So we begin...
  2. Of course the question of just what constitutes a book can't stay hidden for long.
  3. The form of a book—or of books in general—can tell a story, just like its content.