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Digital Marketing And Social Media Resources

Below you will find resources to help you with your social media marketing plan for 2012. If you have questions after the workshop, please feel free to post them to my Facebook Page at


  1. Connect with Krishna:

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    Twitter - for the latest news and resources

    YouTube - for free online video tutorials

    Subscribe to her ezine - to access free articles and webinars
  2. Digital Marketing Data
    A collection of data and research on the current tends in access to the Internet by enterprises and households - focused on Irish data
  3. The Benefits Of Social Media Communications
    A recent report from McKinsey about the benefits of social technology platforms in business
  4. IBM CMO Study
    A recent survey by IBM on the changing world of the CMO
  5. Writing Online Copy
    Resources to help you be more effective with your online copywriting to attract more leads and boost conversions
  6. Social Media Guidelines And Policies
    Develop your guidelines to protect your brand and your employees - you will find examples on the following link - please do customise your guidelines for your organisation rather than copying those of another organisation
  7. Integrating Social Data With Google Analytics