#EditQs Chat: Thursday, 1/14/2016

@krgpryal and @llmunro host the first #EditQs chat


  1. Writing Coaches and Editors Katie Rose Guest Pryal (katieroseguestpryal.com) and Lisa Munro (lisamunro.net) hosted the first #EditQs chat at 1pm EST on 14 Jan. 2016.
  2. The chat—a regular event—is intended to shine some daylight on common writing and editing challenges, and at the same time share some of Katie and Lisa's writing and editing ideas. Katie and Lisa hope to learn from others, too.
  3. To open the chat, Katie and Lisa discussed common struggles that clients face.
  4. We talked about goal-setting, and the consequences of over-reaching when you set goals—"False Hope Syndrome."
  5. We discussed software and other writing tools that we can't live without.