Resilient Cities, Smart Citizens - the seminar

Resilient Cities, Smart Citizens was a five-day workshop followed by a one-day seminar about enabling citizens to make their cities more resilient to the physical, social, and economic challenges of the 21st century.


  1. The Dutch Consulate in Rio de Janeiro and the Rio Prefeitura have taken the initiative to bring together designers, civil servants, citizens and entrepreneurs for a weeklong design workshop, an exposition and a seminar. They prototyped new designs and approaches to transforming cities, by using and enhancing the power of its citizens to take positive action. The initiative grew out of the Amsterdam Smart Citizens Lab, launched by Waag Society.

    The activities took place in close and generous partnership between the Dutch Consulate in Rio, Rio Prefeitura, IED Rio, Olabi Maker Space, Swissnex Brazil, and Waag Society, and were funded by Dutch Culture, Creative Industries Fund NL, and the Dutch Consulate.
  2. During the seminar, 18 speakers and moderators discussed the current state, threats, opportunities and possible futures of resilient cities and smart citizenship. They talked about resilience and sustainablility related policies in Rio, Zürich, Lisbon and Amsterdam, and best practices and learnings for building resilient transportation systems, participative democracy and designing desires. The results from the smart citizens workshop were presented, as well as insightful examples from Olabi Maker Space, BeMap and the Institute for Technology and Society. Finally, four speakers looked at how the history of Rio could shape its future, the circular economy, the smart energy sector and the need for open, inclusive and hackable cities.
  3. The results from the workshop can be found here. In this story, we document the seminar.
  4. The event was opened Arjen Uijterlinde, Dutch Consul-General in Rio de Janeiro; Han Peters, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Brazil; Claudia Gintersdorfer, Deputy Head of the European Union Delegation in Brasilia, and Pedro Junqueira, CEO, Center of Operations Rio de Janeiro.
  5. Amsterdam - Winner, European Capital of Innovation 2016