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Resilient Cities, Smart Citizens

Over the course of five days twenty eager participants from Rio are becoming Smart Citizens. Pieter van Boheemen and Taco van Dijk from Waag Society teach them how to appropriate low cost, open source technologies to make sense about their environments, helping them to care, share and act.


  1. The Dutch Consulate in Rio de Janeiro and the Rio Prefeitura have taken the initiative to bring together designers, civil servants, citizens and entrepreneurs for a weeklong design workshop, an exposition and a seminar. They prototyped new designs and approaches to transforming cities, by using and enhancing the power of its citizens to take positive action. The initiative grew out of the Amsterdam Smart Citizens Lab, launched by Waag Society.

    The activities took place in close and generous partnership between the Dutch Consulate in Rio, Rio Prefeitura, IED Rio, Olabi Maker Space, Swissnex Brazil, and Waag Society, and were funded by Dutch Culture, Creative Industries Fund NL, and the Dutch Consulate.