ELI2015 Leadership Seminar

I was fortunate to share the room with amazing colleagues from around the world, all of us exploring human-centered design methodology and how it can be applied to decision-making in higher ed. Here are some of our insights.


  1. We began the session with some framing of the potential for human centered design (HCD). We combined expertise from lean startup methodology and academic research on social learning and innovation. In a time of rapid change, Higher Ed can benefit from the lessons learned in startup culture and begin to think about academic R&D models that can respond to the changing needs of modern learners. We reviewed the Three Horizons methodology (3H) and the roles of Executive, Founder, Champion and Team in business designs for innovation. We connected these two concepts with evidence-based research on effective patterns of idea flow from Alex Pentland's book, "Social Physics: How Good Ideas Spread : the Lessons from a New Science". With that framing in mind, we then moved into a crash course on human centered design. Here are our takeaways...
  2. the power of starting with "how might we" questions...a better way to conduct strategic planning and visioning?
  3. serendipity and the surprising flow of ideas...
  4. designing for change...
  5. empathy phase...
  6. learning through play (fail fast)