What a few people said to Suzanne Moore

This is an alternative to the Gender Trender link. The tweets cited in that post are at the bottom of this story.

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  1. First this happened to kick it off. I'm putting this here so people understand the chronology. Gender Trender, by the way, is a horrifyingly violent anti-trans blog- citing it for this situation would be akin to citing a Nick Griffin blog post about a spat between some Muslims angry at a Hitchens piece. Not cool. Fellow feminists, buck up and just don't do it.
  2. This goes further in. She responded transphobically to the original very calm challenge by @jonanamary on Twitter.
  3. Then, after the tweets, a lot of people said a lot of things. Some were a bit mean, by internet standards. Several were merely observations. A few were clearly misogynistic, and that is shameful. So if you want to take Suzanne's side, please share this alternative to Gender Trender. 
  4. ADDED 19/01 AT 13:09 PM: This is a good analysis of those tweets to Suzanne. Worth noting, as @mellomeh does, that the vast majority are not in fact from trans people, and one of the worst is clearly a troll on further investigation.
  5. If you want some "balanced" coverage (I'm not going to lie, I think balanced coverage comes down firmly against Moore but I'll be generous and point out that you're free to defend her if you want to, I guess, even though she has multiple national media platforms to cry loudly from) then I recommend looking at @christineburns Mending Fences post or @parislees Open Letter to Suzanne Moore, both linked at the end.