2012 Transit of Venus

Here's a round up of images and thoughts from around the Bay Area and beyond of this once-in-a-lifetime celestial experience.

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  1. "In the spirit of the day you knew there would be someone out there to inject a little humor with the 1st official image of the "Transit of Venus." You gotta love the right brained among us. Image Credit: Mario R."
  2. Mass Transit of Venus, 2012
  3. Pre-show entertainment: This image of the sun was taken by KQED’s very own Media Systems Administrator, AJ Alfieri-Crispin. 
  4. 2012 Transit of Venus - Pre-Show Entertainment
  5. Phil Plait ‏@BadAstronomer shared the following image and comments: 

  6. NASA SDO - Venus approaching in 191 Anstrom
  7. KQED staff view the Transit of Venus through welder's lenses in front of the building.
  8. 2012 Transit of Venus
  9. 2012 Transit of Venus
  10. Second Contace - Transit of Venus
  11. Screenshot of NASA's live stream of the Transit of Venus at 4:36PM Pacific Standard Time:
  12. 2012 Transit of Venus
  13. Random people from the FiDi and Flickr HQ team checking out Venus transit of the Sun (2012)

    "John Ubante had his Canon rig set up for the Venus transit -- Flickr HQ staff and lots of passers by stopped to check out the show."