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Your Reaction: Controversy over Photo of Fish and Game Chief with Mountain Lion He Shot

The president of the California Fish and Game Commission, Daniel Richards, who caused a stir when a photo of him with a dead mountain lion he shot appeared online, is unapologetic and then some in the face of calls for his resignation by 40 Democratic Assembly members.


  1. Here's what you had to say on Twitter and Facebook about the controversy:
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  13. KQED's call-in program, Forum, held a discussion about the controversy on Feb. 29. The segment drew several comments on
  14. Simply because an act is legal in another country or state should not be a valid argument for retaining a high appointed position. The position should be held by a person who stands above reproach FOR the office that they are appointed. Would we want someone in charge of the State's drug enforcement office who was known for flying to Holland and "legally" using drugs while they held that office...and posted pictures on line while they did it? Would we want a person in charge of Child Protective Services who flew to a country and frequented 17 year old prostitutes. Yeah, so its legal...but shouldn't the qualifications for holding these offices require a higher ethical standard?

  15. He should NOT resign. He did nothing illegal, nor "immoral". The rage your guest exhibits is biased and unjustified. The call for his resignation is really ridiculous . I don't hunt, but hunters shouldn't be demonized.

  16. This fiasco give environmentalists a really bad name.  He did nothing illegal!  This has nothing to do with hunting anything in California.  This is simply ridiculous!!

    Californians are just too paranoid about hunting and guns which is due to ignorance.

  17. Was his action illegal? No.  Does California have time and money to debate an issue that was not illegal? I don't agree with killing animals for sport in any state, but I do believe in the law and that it protects the innocent and punishes the wrong doers.  
    California should focus on the myriad of issues at hand.

  18. If this lion had been harassing a rancher's stock animals, well, that might be a different matter. But this was killing for the sake of killing -- on a fenced-in hunting range -- for the glorification of Mr. Richards' ego, and the profit of the Flying B. Ranch. 

    Mr. Richards thinks he's living in the age of Ernest Hemingway. This had nothing to do with wildlife management. It was a trophy hunt, nothing less. Mr. Richards should tender his resignation immediately. 

  19. What if the head of the LAPD vice squad was a customer in a legal brothel in Nevada?  What is the chief of Child Protective Service went to have intimate relations with his 15-year-old girlfriend in Costa Rica (where the legal age of consent is 15)?  What if the director of the DEA went to smoke a little legal hashish in Amsterdam?  Would there be any question that they would lose their jobs?