What Do You Think of Apple Maps?

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  1. Consumer Reports weighed in on Monday:
  2. And CNET has noted that some images on Apple Maps are incorrect or distorted:
  3. The problems have served as fodder for some creative and funny jokes online...
  4. ...including this video which may explain some of the reasons for the problems...
  5. iOS 6 Maps: an explanation from Apple (parody)
  6. ...this video meme...
  7. Hitler Finds Out About Apple's new iOS6 Maps
  8. ...and several one-liners on Twitter:
  9. We asked our Facebook fans what they thought about Apple Maps; here's what they said:
  10. Google Maps was so much more accurate. I'm waiting for Google to release a stand-alone version.
  11. Yes, I am disappointed in the new Maps. The public transport option was removed with the update and the suggested transit app options are not nearly as efficient as the previous Maps (Google).
  12. apple isn't what it use to be
  13. Don't like them. They did away with "street view" which was helpful when trying to see what the building u are going to looks like. It's AWFUL!
  14. I was forced to upgrade on my ipod, which i use for directions all the time. Or, USED TO use. The new maps feature is TERRIBLE for those of us that use public transit. They effectively took away an important feature. When the maps app was google maps, I could easily look up directions to where I need to go, how long it would take, etc. Now I cannot look up directions to get around - the only options are car or foot. The public transit directions icon does not actually give you any directions!! It takes you out of the app to the option to download other apps, which do not provide directions. They just have timetables. They give no info about which train to take or directions/maps to walk to and from. Just a timetable. This is not directions, and is useless without the integrated way googlempas tells you which route to take, and how to get there, where to walk, with a map. It makes what used to take 5 seconds take about 5 minutes going back and forth between maps and apps, and only works if you already basically know how to get where you're going. And BART and caltrain only, not MUNI or AC Transit which is what I actually need route information for.And I tried to just use the web google maps, but it's too buggy on my ipod. It crashes every time. So I have no way to get directions.
  15. Not great out of the box, room for improvement sure. But we must be really spoiled regarding our expectations. Three years ago this would have been, and may someday be, a killer app. And you can still get Google (or Bing?) maps on Safari. I welcome the completion that this will bring.