UC Davis Chancellor Discusses Pepper-Spraying of Protesters

University of California at Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi appeared on KQED's call-in show Forum on Nov. 21 to discuss the recent pepper-spraying of students on her campus.

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  1. Her comments were live Tweeted @kqednewslive.
  2. Police Pepper Spray Peaceful UC Davis Students
  3. If there is any image that sums up #OWS, here it is:
  4. Some took to Facebook and Twitter to react to Katehi's comments.
  5. What a bunch of whiners. The protesters knew that it is a crime to impede traffic, and they also knew that police would use force if necessary to break up the situation. They walked straight into a volatile situation, knowing fully well what the consequences would be. Also, they also knew that such protests are not effective to further their agenda. Those who do not study history make the same mistakes. Why would they commit the same mistake over and over? Why don't they do something that would have a direct impact on their lives, like studying hard and working hard?
  6. I can't see any justification for intentional infliction of pain by a police officer when there is no threat.
  7. This Chancellor sounded pathetic and weak. How is this person the president of such a highly esteemed institution? It is a complete mystery. She seems completely out of her elements. Do they offer these jobs to some academic who has no particular ability to do ANYTHING right? Years of our society's negligence of higher education is bearing the results that we see now. The system seems to be just falling apart at the seam. Another reason to Occupy everywhere and everything.
  8. Dr. Katehi, you have stated that you "take responsibility" for the incident. Yet, by not resigning, you are making a mockery of what it means to "take responsibility." How long before you do the right thing?
  9. As a parent, I entrust the safety of my child to UC Davis. I am appalled by the use of pepper spray as a weapon against students. The Chancellor was brought in to raise money for the school. This is really going to restrict the flow of much needed $ to a wonderful school with the bad press. Maybe she should make the campus a weapon free area for all, including campus police.
  10. I was a photojournalist in the 80's and 90's covering the annual protests at the Lawrence Livermore National Lab at which UC Police were responsible for crowd control. More often than not they did an admirable job of dealing with the protesters, in spite of the occasional threat of protester violence. It seemed obvious at the time that the police had recieved more than adequate crowd control training. Wondering what's happened since.