Tents, Banks, and Police: Occupy Bay Area, Week of Nov. 14

Supporters of the Occupy movement in the Bay Area held marches, took over a bank and set up encampments the week of Nov. 14. Law enforcement later removed those encampments and arrested some protesters. Here's a recap through Tweets, video, photos and links to news coverage.

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  1. Nov. 18: Occupy Oakland Announces New Encampment

  2. Occupy Oakland protesters held a press conference to announce they would be starting a new encampment at Fox Square Park in Oakland's rapidly gentrifying Uptown district.
  3. Some of the park's neighbors expressed concern.
  4. Nov. 17: Police Order Occupy Cal Encampment to End; OccupySF On Edge

  5. In the early morning hours law enforcement officials forced Occupy supporters to clear their encampment at University of California at Berkeley.
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  10. #OccupyCal protesters circumvent order not to post tents by floating them above Sproul Hall
  11. In the afternoon, OccupySF protesters began to express concerns that a raid by law enforcement was imminent.