Tales from San Francisco Taxis

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  1. I had a cabbie guilt trip me when I used my credit card. "Yah, when you do that it costs me $3, so I'm not making anything on this"
  2. Daniella wrote on KQEDnews.org: When I lived in the Sunset we had to bribe cab drivers to take us home, if they let us get in at all. On multiple occasions I've had a driver refuse to go to the Sunset and ask us to get out. I'm never rude about it, but it is frustrating.
  3. one cab driver explained to me that the company does not pay them promptly or at all for credit card payments. i'm not sure if this is true, but if so it is a good reason for asking passengers to pay in cash.
  4. Stevejbons wrote on KQEDnews.org: Several years ago I had two nightmare experiences during a two-day trip to SF. One driver sped up to try to run over 4 or 5 young men crossing the street illegally at night and then bragged that he had "hit" several pedestrians in the past. The second driver said he was a war vet with "problems with minorities" and said he HAD once struck a pedestrian who ended up on the hood of his car.
  5. A few weeks ago I called a cab service and they told me they would be there in 15min. 25min later I call back and the guy said they didn't have anyone in the area and that I should call another company. Quite a way to stay in business..
  6. TomH wrote on KQEDnews.org: I got into a cab in the Financial District and told the cabbie I wanted to go to the Crissy Field, and he asked me if I had an address. I said, it's near the Exploratorium by the Palace of Fine Arts, and again he asked me if I had an address. I told him to pull over, but he kept on driving, asking for an address. I yelled at him to stop since he doesn't know where he was going, and he finally stopped and we got out. He cursed at us and drove away.

  7. I almost got arrested once for refusing to pay with cash. Ended up escorted by SFPD to an ATM. Another one drove the cab into Central Lake in Foster City. He, the cops, and his management acted like it was no big deal.
  8. Adrienne Kristine wrote on TheBayCitizen.org: I can honestly say I have never had a bad cab ride in The City and I use them quite often. My only complaint is when I'm promised a cab and I've been deserted. I left a comment on that company's website: Don't piss on me and tell me it's raining.

    Maybe it's because I'm disabled and have a rather large walker to carry that the dispatchers treat me with kindness. When I was traveling back and forth to South SF for radiation treatments Monday through Friday for seven weeks, the drivers I had were spectacular and made the experience much easier to handle.

    Yes, I've had some cranky, stressed drivers but a little empathy goes a long way.

  9. I once had a cab stop on the way from my pick-up spot to my destination stop (this was back in 2010) to buy a pack of smokes after doing about 70 in the Richmond. I remember considering hopping out of the cab and running, but wasn't quite sure how to handle the situation. I survived, but was actually shaking when I got home.
  10. Over the summer one offered me a Corona, I was offended he didn't have limes to go with it.
  11. I long ago lost count of how many times a cab pulled over, asked where I was going, and then refused and took off.
  12. And you totally overlooked that they refuse to pick up disabled persons. I spent 45 minutes with a blind man trying to get a him a cab. The drivers would speed away the second they saw the service animal. Not just one cab. 23 of them. Ended up calling uber.
  13. I've never at an issue with any taxis in the bay area. Sure, some are older with seats that show years of wear, but the drivers are always courteous and fair.
  14. A couple of years ago my husband and I were walking near the Marina, and a cab pulled over, the passenger called out the window to get our attention, and asked us if we knew how to get to Scott St. It seemed pretty incredible that that driver wouldn't know. O_o
  15. I take taxis maybe 10 to 12 times a year in SF. I've had nothing but positive experiences.
  16. I took a cab from SFO to Oakland.... It cost eighty dollars...not conplaining about that because I was with my wife and teenage kids and it was cheaper then the Bay Porter and I did not have to make mulitple stops in Oakland/Berkeley before getting home. The problem was I tried to pay with my credit card and the driver wanted cash. he told me the credit card machie was "broken." Seems to me a lot of folks use credit/debit cards to pay for cab rides in the 21st century..between the 4 of us we were able to scape together $82.70. When I gave it to the driver he balked about the tip.
  17. 40 mph plunge down California on the way to Transbay Terminal. I thought I was gonna die.
  18. I once felt ill suddenly and wanted to be rushed to the Fairmont where I was staying. A cab came by but the driver thought I was drunk and didn't want me getting in her cab. I assured her that I wasn't so she begrudgingly let me on but then started driving erratically up and down the hills. Perhaps this was her way to express her anger towards me but it sure she seemed like a funny way to prevent me from throwing up in her cab had I really been drunk.
  19. How about the cab driver who decided to fix his drivers side door being ajar while going around a corner.....he fell out of the car and the taxi continued down the hill without him totalling my girlfriends car......Hysterical or Outrageous?