OccupySF Protesters Prepare for Police Action

On Oct. 25 OccupySF protesters received notice from police that they were subject to arrest after officers had seen "numerous violations of the law" at the protesters' campsite in Justin Herman Plaza. We will continue to update this Storify as we learn of news involving the protest.

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  1. Rumors began to spread via text message and Twitter Oct. 26 that police were going to take action at the Occupy San Francisco demonstration. Some protesters prepared for what they said would be a raid early Oct. 27, others followed police officers around the city and reported it on Twitter.
  2. Five San Francisco supervisors and other local officials came to the protest and addressed the crowd.
  3. Protestors began to prepare for police action when word spread that officers were mobilizing.
  4. The police, however, never arrived at the protest site in force.