Missing Monkey Banana Sam Returned to San Francisco Zoo

On Dec. 30 San Francisco Zoo staff discovered a 17-year-old male squirrel monkey, "Banana-Sam," was missing from an exhibit that had been breached by vandals, according to a statement released by the zoo. The monkey was returned to the zoo a few days later.

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  1. Update Jan. 1, 2012, via our colleagues at the Ocean Beach Bulletin: "Banana-Sam, the squirrel monkey stolen from the San Francisco Zoo, has been found in Stern Grove and returned safely to the zoo."
  2. Here is the original Storify about the monkey's disappearance.
  3. Anthony Brown's Twitter profile identifies him as a zoo penguin keeper and a member of the @sfzoo social media team. He Tweeted about the break-in.
  4. Reports of the theft quickly spawned a fake Twitter account.
  5. Brown did not find the account funny.
  6. Other Twitter users reacted with a mix of concern, humor and exasperation.