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Giving Thanks for the Bay Area

We put a call out on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus asking Bay Area residents what made them thankful to live in the region this holiday season and received nearly 100 responses.


  1. Click the link below to read responses on Google Plus:
  2. Here is what local residents said on Facebook and Twitter.
  3. I am thankful for so many things - the weather, the people, the cultural diversity, the restaurants, the innovation, San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Hayward (and the nature preserve in the hills where I live), the community of artists, the heart of technology (Silicon Valley), the events, the festivals, the "live and let live" aura. I'm not only "thankful," I LOVE living here.
  4. Weather. Absolutely. The awesome weather also draws in awesome people who have the good sense to live here instead of somewhere else.
  5. Weather. We really don't know how good we have it.
  6. The weather, cultural events, well paying jobs, excellent restaurants, and great markets.
  7. Redwoods, weather, AND best of all, LOCATION!!
  8. Awesome dog parks, mild weather and great food scene
  9. people! best people anywhere!
  10. Diversity and tolerance and great food. Oh... and no snow!
  11. The FOOD! So many restaurant, so little time and money....
  12. Wonderful diversity, nobody is better than anybody else, it's truly living free.
  13. No snow! Diversity! Everyone feels at home in the Bay Area.
  14. My home town is the place that people come to when they realize that they don't fit in anywhere else. It's the frontier of spirit where anything is possible.
  15. I am thankful for the Bay Area because it made my European husband change his mind about living in the United States.
  16. Some of the most spectacular vistas.