Brian Stanley

Black. Husband. Father. Friend. Leader. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppose. Frederick Douglass


Online Marketing Solution including SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Worpdress Themes and Plugins.

The Bubble Shooter guy

Frontender at Ceon Internet and Toba Media. Love to play online games, especially Bubble Shooter. In fact, I love Bubble Shooter so much that I've created a website dedicated to just that game. Bubble Shooter is pure pastime, where you can relax while you shoot a lot of bubbles. The game can be played over and over again without getting tired of it, in fact you become an addict of the game.

Hornet App

Let's meet on Hornet? Download the free gay social network app in iTunes and Android and meet new friends/guys. Update your KYS.

American Patriot

I am a freedom-loving American who runs websites that aim to educate the public about the benefits of a gold standard.


Lawn Care needed? Central Land Care is a top 10 companies of lawn care and maintenance.


Software Engineer at Lockheed Martin. I like to stay current with news from various outlets and tech companies. Who knows, I might even start writing some stories.

Willstom Hofer

Researcher at University of Texas. I study patterns found in society. What will come about of safe spaces?


Tiburon Health

Kimberly is a mom, health coach, and recovering perfectionist. She loves life, is on a mission of acceptance, and regularly engages in the pursuit of happiness.


I always had a desire to help people,one day as I passed by the pantry god brought it to me some people have trouble deciding between buying food or medicine.

Monterey COE

The Monterey County Office of Education provides vital resources to support the county's 24 school districts, two community colleges and state university.

Tara Davis

I teach senior English in a 1:1 environment. Passionate about justice, Truth, and GAFE. ♡ Using #MDE16 for tweets w/ my students. #FreeAdnan

Jeanette S Baugh

Attorney/AP English Literature teacher/wife/Mom of two UC students, one a grad student, the other a senior, and an Autism Acceptance Advocate.