If a snowflake falls in San Francisco and nobody sees it, did it really snow?

That was the question for Bay Area residents on Feb. 26-27. Some said they saw snowflakes in Twin Peaks, which they cited as proof the city had received snow for the first time since 1976. Others were disappointed that Market Street was not a winter wonderland. Here are some of the Tweets, blog posts and other perspectives about the non-blizzard of 2011.


  1. Forecasters on Friday said winter weather might be on its way.
  2. San Francisco's interim mayor had said the city was prepared for the cold snap.
  3. The clear skies on Friday, though, led to some doubts about the possibility of snow.
  4. The snow quickly became a popular topic of discussion in the Bay Area. Some grew tired of the talk even before the first flake fell.
  5. Links to the following Internet site spread through Twitter late in the week when the possibility of snow was first discussed. On Friday, it read simply "No." On Saturday, it was updated with a dancing snowman and a rendition of "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas."
  6. Snow had been spotted in the Bay Area.
  7. Some San Francisco-based Twitter users rejoiced.
  8. Other Bay Area residents also reported seeing snow.
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  11. Bay Area bloggers also discussed the wintery weather.
  12. This New York Times article was often re-Tweeted as proof that it did snow in San Francisco.