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Could You Live in an Apartment the Size of a San Francisco Parking Space?

Inspired in part by life in an old-fashioned Airstream trailer, a developers’ group is pushing the idea that tiny apartments could be the answer to rising rental prices in San Francisco.


  1. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors is expected to vote on the proposal later this month after a July 10 vote was postponed. 
  2. According to the San Francisco Public Press, "The plan is to reduce the minimum living space in apartments from the current 220 square feet to just 150 — a little larger than a standard San Francisco parking space.... (The) San Francisco of the near future could be a place where thousands of young high-tech workers pack into 12-by-12-foot boxes in high-rises, each equipped with a combination desk/kitchen table, a single bed and the overall feel of a compact cruise ship cabin."
  3. Airstream-inspired apartments as affordable tiny homes
  4. A few commenters on Facebook pitched ideas for making tiny apartments like those proposed more liveable.
  5. Many others, however, expressed opposition to the proposal.
  6. smaller than a dorm room. Hard to spruce up something this small without making it feel even smaller and more closet like. More like a railway car than a place to actually "live".
  7. Like a prison cell, but you get to leave when you want?
  8. or boarding the subway train in tokyo with shanghai combined
  9. Looks like I'll be moving when I'm done with school then. I sure will miss you, San Francisco!
  10. SIGH. Just way too much like insect hives and living in the ANT swarm. Why not rent out closets, then? Guess it is better than being homeless...
  11. More tiny places = more people = more cars. Really want that, SF?
  12. The only thing that will happen if we allow these tiny apartments in the city is that everyone will end up paying more rent for increasingly smaller spaces. Landlords will do everything to maximize their income. You only need to look at the enormous number of illegal units built into the basements of single family homes all over the city to see the writing on the wall for this piece of legislation. Yes, housing needs to be affordable, but this isn't going to make that happen.
  13. Lets not look at the big problem of greedy land lords, NOOOO... The city wasn't that expensive to live in until the tech boom came to town. Then property skyrocketed and people moved out to Davis, Tracy, Stockton, Sacramento ETC to where is was cheaper. Was...
  14. Only a handful of commenters said they liked the idea.
  15. Definitely a step above those other affordable apartments - SROs - where either a bathroom or a kitchen must be shared.
  16. Murphy bed in wall that converts to love seat size sofa when bed is up. Internet-capable wall TV. Wicker bookshelves. Lived on Post St in 1992 in a small apartment not unlike the above, cozy and comfy. Need these type of dwellings with reasonable rent.
  17. I love the idea and don't think that more places necessarily mean more cars.
  18. And a few others said San Franciscans shouldn't complain about the size of their accommodations.
  19. ‎144 sq ft is excessively small, however ... do people *really* need a 3,500' just to keep up with the Joneses??? Guess Americans are gluttons ~~ no matter the product.
  20. Currently living in Senegal Africa (a year sabbatical integrating with the people and culture) - and after a year here - it's true per @Monika - American's are gluttons. You are right they don't need 3,500 sqf. 144 sq is excessively small and somewhat inhumane to think the psyche could handle that for very long. People won't be spending it on an 'affordable' place in SF it will be spend on therapy after they have plunked down the 'little' down payment....and honestly still not being that 'little'...
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