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Car Talk to Stop Producing New Shows: Fans React With Sadness and Humor

Tom and Ray Magliozzi announced June 8 that they will stop making new episodes of their comic auto advice "Car Talk" show at the end of September.


  1. Photo: Ray, left, and Tom Magliozzi.
  2. The announcement led to 'Car Talk' trending on Twitter. Many reacted to the news with sadness.
  3. Listeners also went to the Car Talk Facebook page to reflect on how the program had impacted their families and their lives.
  4. Car Talk has been a part of my entire semi-cogent life. I remember sitting with my grandmother eating brunch and listening to it.. the sandwiches made on the old-school hot iron sandwich maker you put on top of the stove; the wood table, the old radio and record player, moving her Bing Crosby records over to turn on the radio.. and the art on the wall: "'tis not the gales but the set of the sails that will determine which way you go." Thanks guys for being the inspiration of my bad and corny humor all of these years.
  5. I never got to tell you about the time my mom accidentally drove off in someone else's car. apparently she had the master key! our family has listened to your show for years and years! thanks for all the laughs and advice!
  6. My first reaction was, like oh no! I think our 22 year of happy marriage is mostly due to listening to your valuable advice and good "bad example". I think you deserve your retirement. Have fun!
  7. hmmm.... I'm 28 now and I'm pretty sure I've been listening to (or at least hearing) them all 25 years! many memories of their familiar voices while mom cooked pancakes on saturday mornings. glad to hear they will be taking it easy for a change ;)
  8. Lot of good memories associated with listening to these guys. Usually during trips to the old beach house. Now both are gone...bittersweet memories.
  9. NOOOOOOOO! You can't retire! We won't let you. My youngest daughter is going to be crushed. She honestly looks forward to listening to you guys every Saturday. There are not enough frowny-face emoticons for this news.
  10. Of course, it was inevitable that there would be some jokes on Twitter.