Bay to Breakers 2011

Tens of thousands ran, or stumbled, down the streets of San Francisco May 15 during Bay to Breakers. It was the 100-year anniversary of the event, which had drawn criticism from residents concerned about the growing problems of public urination, drunkenness, and nudity. Here's what the event looked like from the perspective of participants and those along the course.

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  1. Jeff and I are on BART headed to the 100th Bay to Breakers. It is the worlds largest foot race. If you have never run it- you have to do it at least once! It is one crazy fun 12K party. Only in SF can you run with people dressed up like Elvis Presley, drunkards and those who shed every bit of clothing! The BART train is crowed with people who are all ready to party- can't wait to tackle the Hayes St hill!
  2. Bay to Breakers today..sitting in front of my closet..should I be that 70s guy, an army guy, or a samurai???
  3. Times haven't changed - 100th Bay to Breakers
  4. Oh this old thing? Yes I just had this lying around. Bay to Breakers!
  5. Yfrog - photo - Uploaded by bay2breakers12k
  6. Bay To Breakers elite runners warming up.
  7. Corral C - I need to make friends.#Bay2Breakers
  8. Waiting for porto potties at Bay To Breakers