Bay Area Responds to Starbucks Purchase of La Boulange for $100 million

On June 2 Starbucks announced plans to purchase the Bay Area bakery chain La Boulange for $100 million.

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  1. Reaction on Twitter and Facebook has been swift. Some have responded with shock and surprise, others Tweeted in horror.
  2. Starbucks just bought a small SF bakery chain (La Boulange) to start adding French pastries to their food offerings. Coming soon, the $10 croissant?
  3. This is terrible news....Starbucks just bought Bay Bakery/La Boulange for $100M...I don't want them to mess up my favorite morning ritual! And Seriously...$100M!?!
  4. I've never cared for it, but I am not happy about Starbucks buying it. Another local chain falls prey to a big corp. Starbucks' drinks are waaaay too expensive, although I found the mini snacks and meals handy in a pinch. Looks like I can cross off LB as a possible place to patronize.
  5. Another neighborhood business bites the dust! Well au revoir Pascal Rigo you wont be seeing my business anymore!
  6. While much of the reaction to the purchase was negative, a few on social media posted that they were looking forward to what La Boulange could bring to Starbucks.