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Bay Area Responds to Starbucks Purchase of La Boulange for $100 million

On June 2 Starbucks announced plans to purchase the Bay Area bakery chain La Boulange for $100 million.


  1. Reaction on Twitter and Facebook has been swift. Some have responded with shock and surprise, others Tweeted in horror.
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  4. I've never cared for it, but I am not happy about Starbucks buying it. Another local chain falls prey to a big corp. Starbucks' drinks are waaaay too expensive, although I found the mini snacks and meals handy in a pinch. Looks like I can cross off LB as a possible place to patronize.
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  6. While much of the reaction to the purchase was negative, a few on social media posted that they were looking forward to what La Boulange could bring to Starbucks.
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