A morning commute without the Bay Bridge

On Aug. 29, Bay Area commuters had to get around without using the Bay Bridge, one of the main arteries connecting San Francisco to the East Bay. Follow their journey on alternate routes, ferries and BART.

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  1. Bay Bridge is closed ! Boats are screaming across the water like a Hip-Hop Streamin' Symphony !  http://instagram.com/p/dmr_7_Nb07/ Nb07/
  2. Might be able to hear myself think the next few days w/o relentless roar of Bay Bridge traffic…  http://instagram.com/p/dmecbSlQMJ/ lQMJ/
  3. This is what my commute has turned into due to the Bay Bridge closure. #mrmadisonthepug @ Point Isabel…  http://instagram.com/p/dmcIWTMsrw/ Msrw/