Journalistic Ethics in the Age of Denial

Some twittering from the first workshop session at the Science Writing in the Age of Denial Conference


  1. Deborah Blum lead off the conversation by asking if science journalists should be cheerleaders of science?  When we write about the messy process of science and it's mistakes, do we feed into the culture of distrust?
  2. George Johnson reminded everyone that the same tools of good journalism still apply. 
  3. Dennis Meredith gave us advice on working with PIOs, how institutions are becoming their own news sources and that changes the role and requirements for the journalists:
  4. Lastly, Dan Fagin described today's journalists feeling like they are in a castle, under siege by the new media landscape in which so many non-professionals are creating and sharing news. But the "us vs them" mentality is dangerous, because journalists will lose. Instead, we need a new framework of ethics for working with the torrent of  news and sources.
  5. But both Fagin and Blum point out that their students, new journalists, don't feel under siege. They see a new media landscape creating new opportunities.
  6. Then, the audience joins in the conversation: