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Best Quotes of the Journalism Interactive Conference 2011

For two days, 'Journalism Interactive' brought together educators, journalists, scholars and students to explore strategies and challenges of teaching journalism in the digital age. A summary of the best findings.


  1. At Journalism Interactive 2011 people mainly discussed about how journalism students could learn new ways of web-based storytelling.
  2. Richard Koci Hernandez, Assistant Professor of New Media @ UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, talked about which way journalism might take in future. Here his slides:
  3. Richard Koci also presented an interactive editing and publishing application named «Klynt»:
  4. Future of news means also more mobile reporting. Jared Rizzi, radio-correspondent for Sirius XM Channel 124 based in Washington DC presented how his notebook can do the work of an entire studio:
  5. Another revolutionary innovation was explained by Len Clark from VeriCorder Technology. Some tricks can already change your iPhone into a simple broadcasting device:
  6. iPhone Video Technology
  7. How to teach journalism in future? Here some more (critical) citations about the as-is situation and how it could be:
  8. In his speech, Matt Waite, professor of journalism at the University of Nebraska, talked about how to teach computation for journalists. In his view, it is important to change the mentality of journalism students.  
  9. To end up this summary, here some more citations: