New Services Let Anyone Create and Use Simple Database-Based Apps

Projects of these kinds also tend to be fairly few and far between.


  1. To outsiders, the work done by computer programmers might all seem more or less the same in terms of difficulty, scope, and style. Just like other professionals, though, software engineers have ways of classifying and ranking the kinds of activity they are called upon to work through. At the very top of the scale lie projects whose success and reliability can mean life or death for others. Whether that means writing software that drives a sophisticated medical device or a program that guides a rocket through space, computer programming of this kind understandably tends to be very demanding.

    Projects of these kinds also tend to be fairly few and far between. Far more numerous are those that lie on the lower end of the scale, with many of these amounting to little more than a thin interface between a user and a database. Applications that allow for the creation, reading, updating, and deleting of database records, in fact, are so common that just about every computer programmer will have worked on such a so-called "CRUD" project before.

    Despite the possibly pejorative-sounding nature of the acronym, programs of these kinds also often turn out to be extremely important in their own distinctive ways. Many large companies spend millions of dollars every year on the writing and maintenance of such programs, with these customized systems accommodating their business processes in very close-fitting ways. At the same time, smaller companies have often felt left out of such opportunities, even when they might have been able to benefit from tools of these kinds every bit as much.

    That is starting to change, however. Tools like the Kohezion overview do away with the need to hire programmers for many projects, allowing even users who are not technically minded to create their own applications. By making it simple to transfer well understood business logic into the domain of apps that allow for the necessary work to be done more easily, systems like Kohezion can deliver a lot of value.

    A big reason for this is that they tend to be far more accessible than hiring even a single computer programmer would be. Kohezion, for instance, can be used for free and without limit, with those who choose this option still gaining full access to its power. Using a Free online database by Kohezion can therefore deliver all the functionality that might normally require the expensive time of a professional computer programmer to enable. For companies that have formerly felt left out, that is obviously good news.