What have I learned from Twitter?

I have learned priceless knowledge and wisdom as a connected educator via Twitter.

  1. Indeed, it's been a slippery slope from my first tweet back in 2009 during a professional development day...
  2. In 2012, I wrote about the possibilities of Twitter...
  3. In 2015, here's my TOP 10 reasons to use Twitter as 21st century teachers #EAsnowPD
  4. 10. First and foremost, we need to remember we are working with teenagers - and they are under pressure to be perfect:
  5. Into the Light Walk 2011 Keynote Speaker Kevin O'Brien
  6. 9. Teenagers and young adults spend an astonishing amount of time on mobile devices...Let's teach them to use tech wisely!
  7. Curate content for students (and teachers) @kobenglish14 @21stStory @WhyPoetry @EAreads @EAodi @coachobrienk
  8. And use it for real learning via #CanvasLMS #mobileapps
  9. The Global One Room Schoolhouse: John Seely Brown (Highlights from JSB's Keynote at DML2012)
  10. 8. As educators, we need to teach students how to use social media responsibly #socialmedia #socialgood
  11. 7. Social media for social good brings awareness to issues that we need to address...
  12. 6. Because...
  13. 5. Through Twitter, educators inspire educators from around the world via #edchat #educon #Edtech #educolor #bfc530
  14. 4. We can share what makes our courses and our students so special.
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