Curtis Bonk--Action Teaching, Fun and Sharing!


  1. One thing you notice immediately about Curtis Bonk...he is animated!  He loves to move and gesticulate.  He captures your attention. 
  2. Another thing you notice about Curtis Bonk...he loves to have fun!  Here he is as a pirate.
  3. Curtis Bonk as pirate
    Curtis Bonk as pirate
  4. Here he is with his favorite pink wig!
  5. Dr. Curtis "pinky" Bonk
    Dr. Curtis "pinky" Bonk
  6. The most important thing about Curtis Bonk though is that he is all about sharing...through open source, through his web site, through the videos he has posted. 
  7. I'm sure you will agree with me that Curtis Bonk is a 21st century man!