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World reacts to Australian woman killed by Minneapolis police

The front page of the Daily Telegraph from Sydney.


  1. Australian media offered continuous coverage of the shooting, including video of a press conference from representatives of the family. "They are trying to come to terms with this tragedy and to understand why this has happened," a family friend said.
  2. Friends in Australia remembered her as a beautiful light. A woman who trained Damond in alternative therapies, described her as "the most beautiful person" who was "all about giving to other people."
  3. A story from the United Kingdom, included this headline:
    Shot dead in her pyjamas: Australian woman, 40, is gunned down by a cop whose body camera was TURNED OFF in an alleyway behind her house after she called 911 to report an 'intruder'
  4. U.S. media were also covering the story, including activist and N.Y. Daily News writer Shaun King.
  5. People around the world reacted with shock and anger.
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