An Eventful Day in the Life of Scarlett Beasley

Scarlett took a trip in the playground and wound up in hospital. The warm wishes she received from friends & family near and far made it so much more bearable.


  1. I got a phone call from Scarlett's lovely teacher Jaki to say she had fallen in the playground and her arm was very sore. Luckily, as I teach on the same campus, I was there in no time.

    Looking at her arm, it looked exactly like Griffin's did when he broke his arm so we made plans to head to A & E to get an X-Ray.
  2. Luckily @bryanjack kept us looking on the bright side!
  3. I was glad of the iPad to keep Scarlett entertained during the long waits.
  4. We received so many lovely messages from friends around the world, on Twitter, Facebook, phone, text message & email.
  5. Having a splint put on to make her more comfortable. Still no painkillers or food allowed...