Techcrunch Disrupt

Techcrunch Disrupt , missed some of it, was most impressed by SeqCentra, because its attempting to solve a problem that will help society. Least impressed by Gifi see no reason to use it

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  1. At least he knows what he good at and not.
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  5. I heart Vinod Khosla ! Hearing him talk about NONLINEAR thinking to solve environmental problems sings to my heart!!! I have been preaching this for so damn long to just be laughed at be high and mighty environmentalist... I need to do an Interview of him ASAP 
  6. I know I can't vote but I am most impressed by Cloudflare, Storify and Seqcentral.
  7. Been listening to too much Security Now, wondering how secure Credit Sesame is
  8. Notice that most of the companies at Techcrunch Disrupt are built around points and gaming