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Questions For Sen. John McCain From KJZZ Listeners

KJZZ Morning Edition host Phil Latzman interviewed Sen. John McCain on Aug. 5, 2016. Here are some of the question you had for the Arizona senator.


  1. Q: Have you ever voted for any legislation that the NRA (National Rifle Association) has opposed?
  2. As an American hero, why are you willing to put party above country and support the person who could not be more unequipped to be president of United States?
  3. Now that Isis' caliphate is rapidly shrinking, does the Senator believe Obama deserves some credit as opposed to blaming him for the Orlando massacre?
  4. I would like to know what change agenda he will be proposing if he returns to the Senate. What is he actually DOING? We don't hear any of that from John McCain anymore.
  5. The John Mccain that I liked in 2000 and even in 2008 has given up his drive for the good of the people to pacify the party... I would like to know that considering this might be good last campaign and term if successful will he pledge to go back to the centrist sensible reformer that compromises and works with the opposition to govern instead of giving into vitriol and extremists in the Republican party?
  6. Do you regret your position regarding Libya?
  7. Polls show broad-based popular support for gradually and significantly increasing in the Federal Minimum wage -- including automatic wage increases for inflation and wage increases for workers who earn tips.What is your position on this and why?
  8. At various times this century, two of the issues in which you've broken ranks with the majority of fellow Republican Senators are Immigration Reform and Campaign Finance.If re-elected, will you work with the next President and the next Congress, in a bi-partisan way as necessary, to pass comprehensive Immigration Reform and to make significant changes to Federal Campaign Finance laws?
  9. Should the Senate hold confirmation hearings for Judge Merrick Garland before 2017?
  10. Why recess without funding to combat Zika virus?
  11. Why doesn't Judge Garland deserve a hearing?
  12. I'd like to ask him why he apparently will not denounce Donald Trump. I am democrat and will not be voting for Senator McCain. However, I believe he deserves our utmost gratitude for the time he served in the military and as a POW. After Trump has so disrespected him, why would he support him?
  13. Ask him if it bothers him that Trump won't release his tax returns. Should Americans expect transparency when we choose a national leader?
  14. Please ask him how we can accept his leadership when he has been so quiet on the comments and behavior of Trump. The other Arizona Senator has shown grace and moral courage. Mr. McCain has shown neither and I am very disappointed.
  15. Under what circumstances would he unendorse Trump? Many republicans in office have expressed their disapproval and un-endorsements. Why does Mr McCain think these candidates are wrong in not endorsing Trump?
  16. Why do you support Trump? He says horrible things about you and the military and neither he nor Pence will support you? Does he have something on you? Your daughter and granddaughter are correct.
  17. Why does McCain continue blocking Merrick Garland's SCOTUS nomination? Is he leaving it open for Trump to fill instead?
  18. The biggest complaint about congress is that nothing gets done. My question for Senator McCain is what does he hope to accomplish in his next term and what steps will he take and urge others to to actually get meaningful legislation passed and to increase the likelihood of congress working again?
  19. Senator McCain, when are you going to retire?