The Rumour Mill #1: Harry Styles As A Busker

Today, a few people I follow on Twitter were amused by excitable One Direction fans and retweeted some of their posts about how Harry Styles was in Glasgow. They were inoffensive and overly enthusiastic, but it inspired me to try a short experiment...


  1. Immediately, several of my friends retweeted my little white lie, but soon the "Directioners" started to discover my tweet in searches and retweet it or reply.
  2. I decided it would be unfair to lie directly to these people questioning me, so didn't respond to them. They could easily check my timeline and see the part where just a minute before posting, I'd said that I was going to tweet some fake news.
  3. That being said, I really wanted to reply, "No, it was definitely Argyle Street..." to that.
  4. As time wore on and people I didn't know or who didn't realise that it was a joke retweeted and favourited my initial post, I started to search to see if anybody else had been discussing the matter. As far as I'm aware, I've never actually successfully started a rumour, so it was delightfully amusing to see the results.
  5. Imagine!
    It was exciting news, even to those non-fans...
  6. I admire their curiosity and can see where they're coming from. For example, I have no feelings towards Les Dennis, but I was once in the same room as him and felt giddy just by his mere presence. A definite case of contracting secondary-Dennis.

    On and on the speculation went...
  7. Some people were overcome with emotion by the news of Glasgow's latest street performer...