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  1. The meme I created is about a tradition inspired by the Sikh Code of Conduct that states that it is forbidden for all of the adherents to drink any alcoholic beverages or to smoke. These are the words: "A Sikh must not take hemp, opium, liquor, tobacco, or any intoxicant." This is strange because in some religions, some drinks represent something important. In addition to that, I don't think that there is a bad meaning to smoking.
  2. This symbol of Sikhism is called the Khanda. It only consists in two swords, a double edged sword and a circle. Each of these elements has a different meaning: the two swords (Peeri and Meeri) signify the spiritual power of the souls; the double edged sword (Khanda) symbolizes the ability to know the truth and forget (cut) all of the illusions; finally, the circle (Chakar) represents unity and respect of the adherents. 

  3.  A Sikh temple is called “Gurdwara”. This is the place where all of the Sikhs worship the one and only God; where the religious lectures are given and where the festivals and any kind of religious ceremony occur. It is believed that the Gurdwara is open to everyone and that its helps believers of becoming wise people. But, it is mostly a place to socialize, help people in need and of course, pray. We can recognize a Sikh temple by the Nishan Sahib flag marked by its symbol. Every Sikh temple has four doors that are open to everyone: the Door of Peace, the Door of Livelihood, the Door of Learning, and the Door of Grace.

  4. Before we talk about this , it is important to know that the Sikhs need to wear clothing that does not cause a change in your state of mind. One of the main traditions for the Sikhs is the mandetory clothing. This tradition is called Khalsa saints or the Five K’s. It consists in Kesa (to never cut your hair), Kangah (the comb in you hair), Kacha (to wear short pants), Kara (always have metal/iron bracelet on) and Kirpan (a ceremonial blade/sword), and it makes them feel protected. In addition to that, Sikhs wear a turban: a turban is a long piece of cloth that is covering the head. Sikhs say that this piece of clothing shows their clean spirits and the peace that they give to others.

  5. After all the research that I done, I found that Sikhism was a very interesting religion with unique beliefs. One thing is the strict dress code that all of the followers should have no matter the age or gender. For example, the Sikhs always need to have baggy shorts on, a small blade and untrimmed hair at all times. Another major thing is that none of the Sikhs can smoke or harm their body with any kind of intoxicants. One connection that I can make between my religion and my own belief is the dress code: As we all know, catholic priests have specific clothing when it comes to praying.

  6. Another important tradition in this religion is that it is forbidden for all of the adherents to drink any alcoholic beverages or to smoke. This was said in the Sikh Code of Conduct, "A Sikh must not take hemp, opium, liquor, tobacco, or any intoxicant." Breaking the laws of this religions could mean that the believer is not fully committed to it. To add to these prohibitions, the Sikhs can't gossip or lie. "Your mouth has not stopped slandering and gossiping about others. Your service is useless and fruitless."
  7. One of the most important belief in Sikhism is the adherent's goal. Every believer has a goal to establish a relationship with God. This is why they have to be committed to their prayers, the rules that are given and the traditions.
    Sikhs think that Sikhism teaches that only the creator knows all about them and the universe. Sikhism states that one person is  responsible for his own actions. His sins can't be rejected by taking the "holy bath". In fact, God is the one that will forgive him if he prays and meditates everyday.
  8. For every Sikh, afterlife is a must: so, it's considered as a belief. If a Sikh follows all of the rules and behaves like a real and respectable adherent, then reincarnation (the rebirth of a soul in a new body) takes place, until the soul establishes a relationship with God. But it all depends on the behaviour and actions of this person. Again, if a Sikhs was able to escape form the cycle of death and still manages to remember God, then afterlife is guarantied. But this after life remains unknown; the Sikh Gurus are in communion with God and they tell us if the soul is with god or not.

  9. Now, on to the practices. According to the Guru Granth Sahib a Sikh needs to follow a a life plan of good actions. It all starts by a morning bath to purify the body. Then comes the family: always be responsible towards them. In addition to that, helping the poor with needs is a must in this religion. Every Sikh needs to follow Seva: this is important because it shows that you are a big part of the religious community of the Sikhs. All of these good acts could be done in the Gurdawa, because this holy place offers a great opportunity to see and help the people in need, to meet up and to be more social. 

  10. Now, on to the Gurdawa practices. In every religion there are some important things that should be taken in consideration, especially in the holy temples. First of all, all the people that wish to visit the Gurdawa, need to enter with their head covered and barefoot. The best way to show the commitment and the respect is to bow their foreheads to the floor. In addition to that, the Sikhs sing holy hymns and say a long prayer that is divided into three parts. The prayers are official and interpreting them in your way is considered a sin. 
  11. Again, the picture I created represent all of the Sikhs community: it's the Sikh symbol. It consists in a  solid circle, two crisscrossed swords and one Double-edged Sword in the Centre. The edged sword (Khanda) represent the rejection of liars, and inequalities.  The circle (Chakra) symbolises unity and the infinite justice. Finally, the right side of the Khanda shows freedom and the important of spiritual values. The left side symbolises divine justice, afterlife choices are made by God.

  12. After all of the research Ive done about Sikhism, I found a common interest with Buddhism, which is the reincarnation (rebirth)  of a soul into another body, all depending on the actions of the person. In Hinduism, if a person received good karma, then this followers will get a better body to relive into. But if a person received bad karma, then the person will receive a worse body in your future life. In Sikhism, reincarnation of the soul occurs until the pure spirit establishes a relationship with God. The way to know if a person made it to afterlife, is to listen to the Sikh Gurus, who are in communication in God about your the state of souls. 
  13. Religion Sikhism And Sikhs
  14. The video I found talks about Sikhism. In this, you will understand many beliefs of the Sikhs, like the reincarnation and rebirth… In addition to that you will discover about the most important pilgrimages and festivals in this religion. Finally, community service for the pilgrims was offered and all of this are good acts to then establish a good relationship with God.