JRMC 202 :: Week 5 Readings

There are several links that you should review in preparation for this week's class discussion and in class assignment.


  1. Facebook has become a useful tool for journalists and media outlets. Facebook has a section dedicated to helping journalists use their platform effectively.
  2. Facebook has created this tutorial as well.
  3. Twitter has a similar section to assist journalists and media outlets in using Twitter.
  4. If you're new to Twitter, the link below will help you to decide 'Why are You on Twitter?' by asking some quick questions.
  5. This Beginner's Guide to Twitter is one of the best I've seen. It provides a glossary of Twitter related terms and some quick history behind using 140 characters to tweet. This is a must read (it's two pages/screens)
  6. If you're new to Twitter or you have a profile and an inactive account, the following link can help to get you engaged with the Twitter community.
  7. Social media doesn't escape the need to abide by ethics. Here's a good one: Twitter Ethics? Should Wrong Tweets Be Deleted or Corrected?
  8. And a follow up to the above issue - Reuters Not Corrected Katie Couric MisTweet that MubarakResigned:
  9. And here's something you should be aware of - someone might quote your Facebook posts:
  10. There are other social media platforms that are seeing increased traffic and use by journalists and media outlets like LinkedIn.

    Finally, for more information on learning Twitter, I've curated some links on Delicious that you might find useful.
  11. Good luck w/the Twitter Scavenger Hunt on Wednesday, February 29, 2012.