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Association Chat: The Dreaded Performance Review

Highlights from the weekly Association Chat. Chat Topic: Performance Reviews. (November 1, 2011)


  1. Each week we have a new topic to discuss for Association Chat and this week was no different. This week we focused on the always-good-for-a-reason-to-drink performance review. 
  2. Preparing for this week's chat on performance reviews, Craig Sorrell brought a great infographic to my attention, also linked to from Mashable's tweet below.
  3. The Highlights

  4. [Host](Q1) Have you ever had a performance review where you learned something useful about yourself?
  5. [Host](Q2) What metrics should be measured or discussed at performance reviews?
  6. [Host](Q3) Design your own performance review! What would the best performance review process be like?

  7. [Host](Q4) Have you come across any performance review processes that seemed outlandish?
  8. [Host](Q5) What do you believe performance reviews are supposed to do? Do they usually meet those goals?