10 Apps Every Association Professional Should Try

As much as I abhor list posts, a popular topic I love is about which apps work the best. Here are 10 I love that you might love, too. Note that I am leaving out some obvious social media choices like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. They already have enough love.


  1. The Big 10 Apps for Association Professionals

  2. 1. Xobni - Making the most of your contacts in Outlook and Gmail.
  3. I love Xobni. Xobni ("inbox" spelled backwards) helps you to see how your contacts are connected to you on social media, plus it provides a history of your email exchanges and who you most often include on emails with that person. I used to use Rapportive (a Xobni competitor), but Xobni provides more data on how I've interacted with each contact in my inbox. 
  4. 2. JoinMe - Share your screen and grab a conference line anytime, anywhere using JoinMe. 
  5. JoinMe rocks the casbah when it comes to screen sharing. Simple, easy...JoinMe makes it quick and painless to throw together screensharing no matter where you are. A lovely solution for a frequent traveler who is beholden to no one.
  6. 3. Skype: Call anyone, anywhere and with video...good for business travelers, quick IMs or weekly meetings with teleworkers.
  7. I use Skype every day now. I use it for client meetings, weekly update calls, and to record interviews for the DelCor Social Media Sweet Spot (I use it with iShowU HD for the video interview recordings). You can share documents while on the phone or share your screen. It is excellent for capturing the non-verbals when you can't be there in person. I also use it to talk with my husband and daughter when I'm on business travel. 

    [It should be noted that Google+ Hangouts is free and is a real contender here. It can accommodate several people at one time and is very handy, but there is a little bit of a learning curve for some of my clients, so I'm still partial to Skype.]
  8. 4. Dropbox: Access your files from any computer or from your mobile device at anytime.
  9. You could go with Evernote or SugarSync, but I am primarily a Dropbox user. I think everyone should use one of these for easier document sharing 
  10. 5. Google Reader: Stay on top of the latest blog posts, events and news stories in your industry.