Calcium and Hyperkalemia

My fellow and I saw a case of pseudohyperkalemia and I assigned him the job of updating the pseudohyperkalemia page in Wikipedia. Turns out there isn't one, but there is a pseudohyperkalemia section of hyperkalemia.

  1. So I went by the page to see how he did on that update and discovered the whole entry was a mess, so I went to work fixing it.
  2. I was surprised and delighted to find that The Renal Association had produced a clinical practice guideline on hyperkalemia. This would definitely help me on this mission.
  3. After I pushed out the update I tweeted it and quickly received this tweet from potassium expert, David Juurlink
  4. That was new to me, but what I disagreed most withal, in regards to the CPG was withholding calcium until there are ECG changes.
  5. I agree with this tweet, there is no guarantee that peaked T waves will be followed by a benign finding, it may be cardiac arrest. But the conversation really started when Seth engaged the EM Social media mafia:
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