Cowboys Reclaim Division Lead

The Cowboys again lead the NFC East with an 8-6 record, thanks to a loss by the Giants to the Redskins.

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  1. The Cowboys need to take care of business next Saturday against the Eagles -- the whole season is riding on these next two games:
  2. I gotta admit I did not see this one coming. But the Giants still control their own destiny so the Cowboys cannot afford to take them or the Eagles lightly:
  3. With the Redskins beating the Giants 23-10 today, the Cowboys are back alone in 1st place in the East. Next week will be Giants at Jets at 1pm est and Eagles at Cowboys at 4pm est. One step closer to another division title.
  4. It's not often I think this, but here it goes-- go redskins (lower case letters intentional).
  5. I'll take it. I'm otherwise numb from repeating "You've got to be kidding me" for the last 90 minutes.