KGC 2012 - Day Two

The water entry at the Wharfinger Building, the water exit, lunch at Eureka Natural Foods, and a long ride down Highway 101 to Crab Park.

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  1. DAY THREE starts at 9AM.

    UPDATE - 7:09PM -
    The course is now closed. There are quite a few machines STILL on the course, including veterans! Roadkill Cafe, June's New Shoe, and Hook Ant Ladder are among those missing. Red Rocket, Betty's Peace Crane, and Hook Ant Ladder are reported to be near the finish line, but aren't within sight. They have ALL LOST ACE STATUS. This is going to seriously narrow down the competition for Engineering and Grand Champion awards.

    UPDATE - 7:01PM -
    Bikin' Fools is in now. They snuck across the finish line in the sculpture that was "finished in one day."

    UPDATE - 6:57PM -
    The Spruce Deuce got towed in to the Day 2 Finish Line. Coming from Santa Rosa, this was their first KGC. Now that they know what to expect, chances are they'll come back and dominate the course next year. "Things didn't fall off," the team captain said, "they just... broke."

    UPDATE - 6:55PM -
    Penelope Picante is safe! The Captains of Capsaicin are all accounted for.

    UPDATE - 6:52PM -
    FunGuy, Big Foot, and the Hella Peno have all checked in, leaving 13 racers on the course.
  2. UPDATE - 6:36PM - Budget Cuts is across! Also, The Goddess Jen-O reports that there are now 16 sculptures still out on the course with only 31 minutes left until the course is closed. That will mean that all machines left on the course will lose their ACE status if they don't clock in by 7:07PM.

    UPDATE - 6:21PM -
    Under the Rainbow, Chain Monkey, and the Velo Crab are all at the finish line!
  3. UPDATE - 5:47PM - Lucky Stars is now the 11th machine at Crab Park!
  4. UPDATE - 5:30PM - Beyond Thunderdome is the tenth machine across! They have announced their intention to ACE the course.

    UPDATE - 5:27PM -
    Kinetic Queen President Katie Texas has announced that the race will be moved up an entire hour tomorrow. The racers will leave Fernbridge at NOON. You're encouraged to be in Ferndale no later than 11AM.
    Black Forest Gnome crossed the finish line as well! He counted 655 bounces from the bottom of Loleta Hill to the top!
  5. UPDATE - 5:08PM - What was once originally speculation is now confirmed as fact; MELVIN is the eighth sculpture across the Day 2 Finish Line... just as we had foreseen.

    UPDATE - 5:04PM -
    The Kinetic Paranormal Society is now across the finish line, and has designated Crab Park as Area 52.
  6. Prince(ss) Chris Royal Herald
  7. More shots from Head Engineering Judge Matt Filar!
  8. Queen Sohotshe Burns at the Plaza yesterday!
  9. UPDATE - 4:43PM - Fros 'N Peas are now across the line!

    UPDATE - 4:41PM -
    Visualize Whirled Peas earned me some Glory after a bet with Larry. Fros 'N Peas are now dead to Mr. Trask.

    UPDATE - 4:36PM -
    El Mango Del Fuego is fourth across the line! The first of the Captains of Capsaicin offered words of encouragement to the other peppers.

    UPDATE - 4:30PM -
    Cliff says that LA CUCARACHA APOCALYPTICA is the third machine across the Day 2 Finish Line!