KGC 2012 - Day One

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  1. art-12 Apopolyptic Cochroach 1
  2. art-12 Visualize World Peas
  3. art-12 Kinetic Kingfisher
  4. art-12 Kinetic Skeleton
  5. art-12 Kinetic Fire Ant 1
  6. art-12 Kinetic Dog Cart
  7. art-12 Kinetic 3 Chiles
  8. art-12 Kinetic Bigfoot
  9. art-12 Kinetic 2 Hot Chicks
  10. We got some photos in from Art Judge Brenda Boyd! Thanks Brenda!
  11. I watched the Kinetic Sculpture Race Today. I was also looking for a friend at the Farmer's Market, but I didn't find her.
  12. Finished my last household interview this morning, toook a nap in my hotel room, went down to the harbor and watched the crazy Kinetic Sculpture Race and got some great pics, now just another little nap and then I'll work on the pics to share with all of you! Homeward Bound tomorrow morning!
  13. UPDATE - 6:30PM - The course has CLOSED. Day 2 begins at 10:30AM at the Wharfinger Building, with the DREADED WATER ENTRY. Be sure to check out the video stream at KIEM - they typically have a great feed of the first ten feet the sculptures face in the water, which tends to be where everything goes wrong - but remember to stay tuned to KHUM for official race coverage.
  14. Went to Eureka with my friends. on the way had to stop for the kinetic Sculpture race. The big foot (a huge human foot with hair and people dressed like Big foot with bikinis on top) broke down. they needed a tow truck. The play on words and it really happening was so funny!
  15. Well, if that doesn't cost Big Foot their ACE, I don't know what will.
  16. UPDATE - 4:35PM - The Velo Crab suffered what was described as "one of the most wicked crashes we've seen at Deadman's Drop." Their team captain said that they were near the bottom of the hill, rounding a corner when their machine started to tip. "We thought, 'we're good, we're good, we're not good," he said.

    UPDATE - 4:22PM -
    Under the Rainbow, from Corvallis, is attempting Deadman's Drop.