Making Sense of Chaos, Inventory Management with Serious Training

Automation is a popular industry buzzword. It also stirs migraines and frustrations from experienced.


  1. Automation is a popular industry buzzword. It also stirs migraines and frustrations from experienced business men and women that have been challenged by the idea of simplicity not quite pulling through. Automation is designed to make system processes simpler. More often than that, it creates as many problems as it solves. A business cannot avoid chaos, but it can try its best to keep things organized. The KHAOS Control software inventory management at makes automation make sense again.

    Automation is Not Easy By Default

    The problem with automation is that it is not made clear to the users. The system automates processes. but, if the users are not aware of how and why the automation is occurring, they will be lost. For example, health data management systems automate data gathering and organize inventory, patient satisfaction records, and other details. If the users do not know how to find this data, the automation is moot. The data's inherent inaccessibility makes all the automation in the world a pointless exercise.

    Day One Training

    KHAOS Control maintains accessibility from the very beginning. All staff members are trained how to work the system. They are provided comprehensive reports that can be a continuous guide. During the initial few days or weeks, a staff member of KHAOS will be on-hand to answer questions, display demo reels, and provide updated process training. The trainer will introduce new ideas to the team so they understand how the system is automated in the first place.

    The Big Guidebook

    Companies are also provided a guidebook to be a constant source for information. The guidebook is not a book in the traditional sense. The guide is a Wikipedia-styled thesaurus or dictionary of information. Users will be able to search specific terms, and find the answers pertaining to specific problems and processes. The guide will be the best friend for all staff members.

    With the right training, the guide will simply be a convenient tool. Automation has a tendency to automate too much without explaining the raw facts of why. Automation systems in regards to inventory, sales, personal information, and  other data points can be a fantastic tool. If staff members are not aware of the system's functions, it may be too cumbersome. Opt for inventory tracking that takes the mystery out of automation, and allows staff members to comfortably work with computers no matter how advanced they seem on the surface.